Welcome To Take My Online Class – USA; Can I pay someone to take my online class for me? Yes! You can pay our expert tutors and we will do your entire online course for you.

We go the distance at TakeMyOnlineClass.Us, to meet the needs of our customers we go further; it is a fact that no other academic consulting firm can help you like we can. Take My Online Class US an Edusyx initiative is a one of a kind of expert educational consulting service; students enrolled in taking online classes at American universities hire us for our expertise in online classes, online tests, mymathlab and various class projects. Clients who engage us receive a full service experience, our tutors are students who’ve attended the best universities in America so no matter what your need may be in a class you’re taking, online test, issues with tough MyMathLab quizzes or doing your online class assignments we’re the people who you can count on to offer you the guidance you need swiftly and cheaply because we help you like nobody else can.

We’ve been voted the number 1 academic assistance service in America 3 years running, students across American education institutions have hired us when they found themselves in untenable positions, they needed help with the classes they were taking online and we were there coming through for them each time, this has allowed us to become number 1! We credit our successes to our firm commitment – delivering 100% satisfaction (or $0 payment) to each student hiring us, regardless of how hard taking an online class is or how little time there is left on a class, as we have the best academic experts available – we deliver so clients come back to us. If you are facing a hard time taking an online class, taking an online test, finding answers to your MyMathLab problems or doing a class assignment then get in touch with us now, because we can help like nobody else can.

If you’re looking to pay someone to help you with an online class you’re taking then again it’s us who you seek. Read on to learn more or tell us about your class so that we can get a tutor started with helping you now.


Getting a class experts help with your online class can spell the difference between winning and losing, making it in life or not. And with us, expert online class consulting will cost you a lot less than it’d cost you anywhere else.

Completing courses and getting ahead in life is hard, and the ability to take a lot of classes online and maintain a life is equally difficult. Students today face a terrifyingly demanding landscape of financial, interpersonal and macroeconomic realities; as a student you’ll find yourself constantly being pushed to take on considerably more class loads than they’re able to deal with at a pace you’re comfortable with. Students taking classes online also face increasing demands by way of work and personal relationships that serve to deprive them they focus for long term stuff (like their education) because they’re so busy putting out fires right in front of them. When the reality of the situation is put in perspective, as a student you’ll be able to see that you getting help is the best move, so to take back control of your life – let us know about your class and we’ll get a tutor to help you now.


TakeMyOnlineClass.Us expert online class consulting service is a bespoke, full-service online class consulting service that is relied upon by students across the United States; it helps students ensure successful competition of online classes by making available to them academic assistants who possess vast expertise in class subjects and proficiency in dealing with online class platforms. Our experts can work with you to understand your online class taking needs; they can assist in coordination and help ensure perfect execution and management of your online classes and courses. Our professional specialists are students who’ve attended the most prestigious Universities in America (our founders are Ivy Leaguers) as such they’re smart and extremely familiar with online class taking platforms, clients are able to track progress within a control center, where overall results are summarized and presented, clients can also directly communicate with their academic assistant through their control center. We at TakeMyOnlineClass.Us (an Edusyx initiative) are your one-stop shop for any time of online class needs, if you value a high-end, full service online class assistance experience and an unbeatably low rate then TakeMyOnlineClass.Us is the partner you need in your academic career.




You’re a motivated student who wishes to complete the online class you’re taking swiftly and cheaply, we’re the folks who can help. Getting your degree us important to you and it is important to us; the rewards that come with maximizing your personal potential by taking classes and getting certificates isn’t negligible, we understand your needs and we’re here to help. Our academic tutors are experts, get in touch with us and you’ll have an academic tutor assigned to you who will communicate and understand your needs, your tutor will then hep formulate a plan and execute the plan for you.

Winning in life is all about finding that right solution, this is a great determinant to who wins in life and who loses, and we’re the right solution for you. Our firms expertise and efficient operating model allows you to employ us to offer expert guidance to you and assistance in virtually any class you’re taking.


Since 2008 we’ve been in the business of assisting students with their classes we know what we’re doing; we’re value creators and have not just the expertise but the experience that allows us to help you with your classes in many ways. We possess competence in assisting clients over myriad class platforms with many subjects. Our online class consulting services cover courses from institutions such as University of Phoenix, Pearson, Straighterline, MyMathLab and courses taken over platforms such as Blackboard and ALEKS.


We assist students who’re engaged in taking online tests with American educational institutions; our expert online test consulting services are used by students who require expert tutor assistance, we empower students to reach their full potential by freeing them from the burden of heavy course loads. Our test consulting services are relied on by students who’re faced with tough choices, clients depend on us to come through when they’re out of choices-and we deliver every single time.



Online tests and classes are now a great way to get ahead in your career, you can work with many class providers and universities, such as Straighterline and University of Phoenix, or online tests offered over platforms such as Blackboard, ALEKS and MyMathLab to turbocharge your career, but with all the demands that are made of your time, sometimes it’s perfectly reasonable to find yourself overwhelmed with the online tests you can’t bring yourself to take.

We work with motivated students who wish to make sure they have an edge with regard to their education, our academic assistants can work with you, understating your needs, advice you on the best courses of action and they can assist in executing strategies that will allow you to achieve your academic goals with ease and at low cost.


Our perspective is superior, we are founded and run by students who have attended the best Universities in America, our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of online test subjects, and our experts can help you with virtually any online class exam or online college test.

Online class tests and exams are difficult Take My Online Class Us makes them easy.

TakeMyOnlineClass.Us, an EduSyx initiative is an American academic consulting firm. We are the trusted advisor to hard working students who’re enrolled in classes in American universities. We work with students who require assistance with online classes, online class tests, online class assignments. Our scope, scale, level of expertise, knowledge and proficiency with various education platforms and online university class platforms allow us to help students address problems nobody else can. We have deep actionable and functional subject expertise as well as breadth of talent that empowers us to tap experts in a variety of academic fields and make them available to you for help with your academic test needs. We are passionate about taking on clients who are facing difficulties with their online course tests, we love a good challenge. Oftentimes, our service is so incredible that we leave clients simply awestruck.


Our relationships with our clients are the same as that with everyone else. We accentuate their capabilities and empower them to go further at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help them get ahead in life, deal with real issues so that they can focus on things that actually matter to them. We can free up your time and schedule so you can do what needs doing. We work fast and we’re super affordable, so much so that we’ll fit any student’s budget.


You have discussion boards you wish you find hard to deal with we have smarter solutions to help you. TakeMyOnlineClass.us discussion board consulting services can help you as we empower students taking online classes by making available to them subject experts whom they can consult with for assistance in their online class discussion boards.

Need help with your online class discussion boards? Tell us a little about it and one of our highly trained experts will get at you via email or phone with advice only highly trained experts would be able to give you. TakeMyOnlineClass.Us is a next generation academic consulting services company, we believe in providing a expert guidance to each client who engages so if you’re a student finding it difficult to do your discussion boards we understand your plight in today’s world with all the cares and pressures that you face day-in-day-out we understand why you aren’t in a position to be dealing with every minute detail of every class that you badly need completed. We work from that perspective, we work not just to create profit but to help students who’re in need. If you’re in need of experts for help with your class discussion boards then we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with not just subject experts and comprehensive discussion board assistance for your classes but we will communicate with you, understand your needs and provide you with expert advice on how you can get you academic career fast-tracked further, yes, we’re good at that sort of thing. TakeMyOnlineClass.Us and our services are not to replace a degree, professors or teachers. We analyze your current course load, make available to you super smart subject experts, figure out for you a strategy that will allow you to swiftly and cheaply complete your classes and we’ll assist in executing that strategy for you, TakeMyOnlineClass.Us provides assistance with your class discussion boards, depending on your individual needs, we’re priced specifically with student budgets in mind. Getting us to help with your discussion boards is never complicated, our expert services work in quite simple ways; we offer simple down to earth advice, direct access to subject experts and fast execution of strategies that you decide on with your academic tutor, you’ll be in safe hands with us!


Our discussion board expert services are simple, flexible, low cost, fast and comprehensive- whichever discussion board you need help with, however short notice it may be we can give you the guidance and help to get stuff done. You may find hard initial postings, your introduction, managing your discussion board presence or ensuring none of your posts get delayed and costs you your certificate we can work with you for your research needs and for stuff you find too hard to crack without help. Call us or let us know about your discussion board to get an experts help within the next 3 hours.




Having it your way is better, that’s why we’re working to make it so- Edusyx.

Edusyx is an innovative startup in the expert tutoring and education consulting space, our revolutionary services which include our expert online class consulting services, online test consulting services, MyMathLab services and our class discussion boards management services set the standard for full-service academic consulting firms- we were here first and we’ve been leading the way for all to the top ever since. With Edusyx and TakeMyOnlineClass.Us, you’ll enjoy unmatched access to some of the smartest subject experts in your chosen area of academics, you’ll be able to consult with people who possess considerable experience taking the sort of classes you’re taking online, our academic assistants are people who’re smart, they’ll communicate with you directly and they will work with you on your side to achieve your academic objectives swiftly. When we say we care about each client, we mean it. We are constantly kept busy figuring out the latest online classes, tests and university class platforms, it’s almost a certainty that we’ve helped students who were in the exact situation you now find yourself in. Delivering bespoke, one-on-one, full service academic consulting services to clients who’re in tough situations is what we do, whether you require help with an online class you’re taking, assistance with a college course exam, your class discussion boards, tough MyMathLab questions or something else- at Edusyx, we care about each client and we will work to make sure that each client is satisfied with us 100%, that’s what we do and we’re not satisfied with anything less. If you’re a student requiring assistance with your education, we can help, call us or let us know about your class so we can get started now.


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Work with us and you’ll cut the time and attention that online classes, online tests, MyMathLab, discussion boards and other academic activities demand of your schedule. And you’ll have more time, energy and precious attention to focus on important things like work and relationships, that’ll allow you to do well for yourself as well, so really-working with us saves you money.

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Edusyx is founded and run by some people who’re very passionate about what they do, find out about their story and how Edusyx and TakeMyOnlineClass.Us work so well for so many clients every day.


Sophia Peters, Founder & Manager

Sophia Peters is the Founder and managing partner of Edusyx Holdings SA. Motivated by her passion for, and strong desire to create and provide an unrivalled private academic consulting experience, with a personal approach working with clients Sophia started Edusyx in 2005. She’s spearheaded the firm’s development in creating unique services that are held in high regard by our clients.


Michael Ellis Sanford, Co-Founder & Manager

Michael, although an investor in Edusyx from the beginning, came on as an active partner in 2009. As co-founder and co-managing partner Micheal is responsible for the entire Group operations of Edusyx, he works with clients and academic helpers to figure out ways to improve our services. As a certified business economist, Michael has extensive leadership experience in both management and operations.


Are you a student facing a hard time with an online class, online test, college exam, discussion board or MyMathLab? Clients trust us for a premium full-service academic consulting experience, here are some of our satisfied customers chiming in.
I was facing numerous issues with taking my online math class quizzes on MyMathLab, I needed them completed fast but there was no way I was going to be able to do that on my own without help so I reached out to TakeMyOnlineClass.Us and they were able to offer me advice and give me the help I needed. 5 stars! Definitely will use in the future.
Johanna M. Wingman
MyMathLab Student
Whoa! That’s all I could say at first. I was having such a difficult time with my American history course at University Of Phoenix, I had family commitments that needed taking care of and so was unable to focus as much as I’d have liked to. I was desperate when I hired TakeMyOnlineClass.Us and I was chancing it but they came through in a big way. I can’t thank you enough. You’re amazing. Thanks a lot for your help, Sophia.
Ahmad K.
History Course
Michael S. is an awesome guy to deal with. I am a student nurse and my Anatomy and Physiology classes were getting out of hand especially with my job which basically calls for 15 hour days. Mike was awesome; he was able to help me with my online class and kept in communication throughout. Great experience with TakeMyOnlineClass.Us!
Miriam Albano
Anatomy & Physiology
I was under the mistaken impression that getting help with online classes would be a grueling experience (how do we start trusting people?!), until I started communicating with Micheal. Micheal has been a dream; he helped my husband with a psychology class and associated project work that would have been difficult for my husband to deal with without help. Mike rocks! He is knowledgeable and genuine. Talk to him and you’ll see how absolutely fantastic he is. Thank you for your great service.
A. Willard
Psychology Class
I had several calculus classes that were in limbo because I’d gotten sick in week two of starting my online college classes, MyMathlab is difficult for me especially because English isn’t my first language anyway I was able to find and get help from TakeMyOnlineClass.Us, they’re the best, hire them if you need help with calculus classes or stuff like that.
Roberto F
Calculus II
I wanna dedicate this review to Sophia, an outstanding class helper and a diligent and truthful woman, a real human being who is eager and capable of helping other human beings. I have been a client of TakeMyOnlineClass.Us for 3 years now, while taking a particularly difficult Chem class I decided to seek help online and came up on an ad posted by Miss Sophia, that’s how our relationship started over the course of the last 3 years Sophia and Co have helped me with several classes, she’s absolutely the best person to seek help with as she’s an expert and a wonderful human. Thanks Sophia, I sleep better at night knowing I have you to depend on.
Nicola T
Chemistry with Lab
I am extremely impressed with the Math class services offered by takemyonlineclass.us, as Micheal helped me solve several vexing Algebra classes. Kudos to takemyonlineclass.us for having experienced crews to help students who’re suffering!
Jaime Rich
There is no better expert class consulting service. Constantly works hard to make you understand classes you don't get, takes the time to work on everything and makes sure you're always doing the best. Very well informed and extremely ACCURATE. I dealt with Sophia for My Straighterline course. She is terrific at what she does. The tutors you have working are just plain awesome. Thank you for the great service!
Hannah S


Take action and get in touch with us to discuss all aspects of your education. Our private academic experts experts can tell you more about the how to handle your classes, tests, college exams, MyMathLab, discussion boards and they can tell you all about how becoming a TakeMyOnlineClass.Us client can simplify your life, and you can figure the programs, financing and service plans that best meet your needs.



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